Drumdrops has announced that it will be releasing the Gretsch 1960s Round Badge Soul Kit BFD Pack on Wednesday February 18th at 4pm GMT with a special offer.

Drumdrops are excited to be releasing their first kit as a drum expansion pack for FXpansions BFD. The BFD pack of the 1960s Vintage Gretsch Round Badge Soul Kit is compatible with BFD2 and BFD3 and was produced and played by Timmy Rickard. This kit is an amazing recreation of the Al Jackson Junior drum sound of the early 70s and is a great example of a vintage drum sound recorded solely with five kit mics.

Customers can utilise all the great features that come with BFD to get the best out of this kit, and add it to their BFD libraries.

The kit comes with a 20” Kick drum, four snares, large 16” Bosphorous New Orleans hi-hats, a 20” ride and 17” crash. Some of the articulations include wallets on snares, tea-towels on toms and chains on ride cymbals. Also included are congas,a tambourine and shakers. The kit was recorded at Miloco’s The Square Studios in London using vintage pre-amps and ribbon mics.

The first 20 lucky customers will get the pack for free, the next 30 will be £15 GBP, the next 50 will be £25 GBP and then it will return to the retail price of £35 GBP.

Customers will need to have a Drumdrops account to purchase the kit. Login and at 4pm head to the Buy Kit page. The free kits go in a second so you have to be quick!

More information: Drumdrops / Gretsch 1960s Round Badge Soul Kit