Drumdrops has launched the 60s Motown Kit BFD Pack, a drum expansion pack for the BFD2 and BFD3 virtual drum instruments by FXpansion.

Drumdrops 60s Motown Kit BFD Pack

The BFD pack contains most of the samples that the Kontakt Pack offers, so BFD users can enjoy the same realism and quality that Kontakt users enjoy.

It contains 51 articulations and the kit has been recorded in up to 240 velocity steps. This pack contains a very meaty 30210 samples.

The kit includes fifteen groove palettes and 245 60s Motown loops. We have also included 2 mix presets per format. You have full control over all the microphones that were used to record this kit and once loaded into BFD you can enjoy all the same features that you would expect from any other BFD kit.

Once the kit has been recognized by BFD, just simply select your desired kit piece from the list in the same way that you would load any other drum in BFD.

60s Motown Kit BFD Pack features

  • Awesome recreation of the 60s Motown drum sound.
  • Recorded using one kick mic, one kit mic, and four room mics (setup as a brass section and vocal mic)..
  • Recorded on a 1960s Ludwig Club Date Kit by Timmy Rickard.
  • Over 30,000 samples to utilize in up to 240 velocity steps.
  • 51 different articulation.
  • Fifteen groove palettes included with 245 Motown Loops.
  • 4 mix presets per format included (one for each snare).
  • Percussion included.
  • Recorded with four snares.

The 60s Motown Kit BFD Pack is available from Plugin Boutique at 20% off until October 30th, 2017. Other formats are currently on sale at Loopmasters.

More information: Drumdrops / 60s Motown Kit BFD Pack