Drumdrops has announced it is releasing the Vintage Folk Rock Kit Kontakt Pack tomorrow at 4pm BST with a special offer.

Drumdrops Vintage Folk Rock Kit
Drumdrops Vintage Folk Rock Kit Drumkit

Drumdrops Vintage Folk Rock Kit Mixer

Drumdrops Vintage Folk Rock Kit Master

Drumdrops Vintage Folk Rock Kit Groove player

Drumdrops Vintage Folk Rock Kit MIDI mapping

This pack is the first Kontakt pack which includes the brand new Drumdrops Kontakt Instrument that has been built from the ground up by our developers Divergent Audio. The new instrument is hugely powerful and a big improvement on the the first generation build.

The Vintage Folk rock Kit is a vintage 1966 Ludwig Hollywood Kit and was recorded with just 5 microphones – a kick, snare and three kit mics. Phill Brown recorded this kit at Livingston Studios in London and it has been sampled with sticks, hotrods and brushes. The Kontakt pack is compatible with the latest full version of Kontakt 5.5 (not kontakt player currently).

New in Vintage Folk Rock Kit for Kontakt

  • New mixer design with routing to DAW, 4 Aux Sends (2 reverbs and 2 delays)
  • New Channel Effects – EQ, Compressor, Shape, Tape Control.
  • Mic Mix section allowing you to mix all 5 mics of the kit on each drum and cymbal.
  • Drum Voice – edit the attack, hold, decay and tuning on each drum.
  • Humanize – Randomly change the volume, velocity, tuning & timing of hits.
  • New Master Effects Compressor, Limiter, EQ and Crush section.
  • Stereo width control and L/R swap.
  • Improved MIDI groove player now with 2111 loops (318 Folk loops)
  • New MIDI Map section for easily building and saving your own Maps.
  • MIDI CC Editing Page – Edit the parameters controlling the snare, hi-hat and cymbals.
  • The best E-Drumkit compatibility.
  • 23 Snapshot presets included mixed by different engineers.
  • 16400 samples recorded in 24 velocity step and 5 round robins.
  • Switch between Sticks, Hotrods and brushes.

To purchase the kit (or have a chance of getting it for free) you must have a registered Drumdrops account. Head to the ‘Buy Kit’ page at 4pm BST and the offer will go live.

The first 15 packs are free. The next 25 packs are £15 GBP; the next 25 packs £25 GBP. The regular price is £40 GBP. Customers can purchase the pack using the voucher code vintagefolk20 at checkout and receive 20% off for a limited period.

More information: Drumdrops / Vintage Folk Rock Kit Kontakt Pack