Dynamic Tonality has released version 1.1.0 of XronoMorph, a free software for creating multilayered rhythmic and melodic loops.

Dynamic Tonality XronoMorph

Each rhythmic layer is visualized as a polygon inscribed in a circle, and each polygon can be constructed according to two different mathematical principles: perfect balance and well-formedness (aka MOS). These principles generalize polyrhythms, additive, and Euclidean rhythms. Furthermore, rhythms can be smoothly morphed between, and irrational rhythms with no regular pulse can also be easily constructed.

Changes in XronoMorph v1.1.0 features

  • Save XronoMorph loops as MIDI loops (OS X and Windows 32 bit versions) or audio loops (all versions)—use these loops in any DAW/sequencer.
  • MIDI sync—XronoMorph will sync to your DAW’s MIDI clock and SPP (song position pointer). The number of DAW beats (quarter notes) resulting in a full XronoMorph rotation can be freely chosen.
  • Fixed bug where typed rotation values changed when return key was pressed.
  • New play/pause button.
  • Minor adjustments to the GUI.
  • A Windows 32 bit version.

XronoMorph is available for download for Windows and Mac.

More information: Dynamic Tonality / XronoMorph