eaReckon EAReverb

eaReckon has updated its EAReverb algorithmic reverb effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

EAReverb has been designed and “fine tuned by ear” to sound the most possible natural. Though, the plethora of parameters should be enough to place your music in some twisted environment if you really want it!

Changes in EAReverb v1.1.7

  • On Windows, the interface uses Direct2D (if available) instead of GDI+.
  • The initial delay (latency) of the plugin should be correctly reported to your host.
  • Knobs default values (CTRL/COMMAND + Left Click) match the last called preset.
  • On Mac OSX, EAReverb’s frequency analyzer displays a smooth shape instead of a polygon.
  • The last called preset is displayed in the top left box instead of “User defined” (which only appears when the state of EAReverb is set by your host, unless this state matches a known factory preset).
  • Fixed: EAReverb now retains the displayed factory preset name when its interface is closed and re-opened.

Registered users of the full version can access this update from their “Products registration” page. The demo version has been updated as well.

More information: eaReckon / EAReverb