Sample Diggers has released Eastern Strings & Things Vol. 2, an iconic royalty free collection of sounds from a mystical and wondrous land.

Following up on the first volume, Eastern Strings & Things Vol. 2 delivers over 800 MB of refined Eastern sounds, to infuse upon your music, adding magic and good vibrations to your productions.

Eastern Strings & Things Vol 2 is a stunning collection of Loops and One Shots, produced on unique instruments which are hybrid in nature, and not commonly found in your average music shop or sample pack! You’ll be transfixed by over 300 Loops and 35 One Hit samples on four authentic Eastern Instruments:

The Sitouki is a hybrid instrument which is halfway between a Sitar and a Bouzouki. It sounds like a sitar but allows for different techniques that are simply not possible on a Sitar. The Sitar is a hugely popular instrument which features in many compositions, these particular loops from the Sitouki will give you the edge.

The SazOud fuses the sound of two Turkish instruments into one; with the nylon fretless Oud and the steel understrung Saz drones. When striking the nylon strings the Saz strings are struck in sympathy by the nylon strings, which creates a extraordinarily unique sound.

The Tampoura is a bass drone instrument and the Swarmandal is a form of Indian harp – both of which were popularised in the 60s primarily through music of The Beatles. The Tampoura features heavily on `Tomorrow Never Knows’ and the Swarmandal is a prime feature in the song `Strawberry Fields Forever’.

Eastern Strings & Things Vol 2 features

  • 806 MB content with 343 individual 24 Bit WAV files.
  • 308 Loops: 18 Percussion Loops, 72 Oud Loops, 134 Sitouki Loops, 62 Swarmandal Loops and 22 Tampoura Loops.
  • 35 One Hits are included with 1 Swarmandal Multi, 1 Tampoura Multi and 17 Instrument Riffs and Arps.

The sample pack is available from Loopmasters for £24.95 GBP.

More information: Sample Diggers / Eastern Strings & Things Vol. 2