EastWest Sound has introduced the second title in the Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra series of virtual instrument libraries.

Produced by sound titans Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix, Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra includes everything you need to create fantasy film, television, and game soundtracks. It includes unique ensembles that bridge the gap between orchestral and world instruments – perfect for your next big fantasy epic or medieval tale. Recorded in the same soundstage as their award-winning blockbuster series Hollywood Orchestra, many of the instruments of Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra have been recorded in small ensembles with full stereo imaging mic placement, surround sound options, and all the features of EastWest’s revolutionary Opus software.

Hollywood Fantasy Brass puts the grandeur of some of history’s most iconic brass instruments at your fingertips, complete with a broad articulation set and true legato for maximum realism and authenticity. Instead of trumpets, you’ll find flugelhorns; rather than French horns, Wagner tubas and alpenhorns take their place. There’s even a low brass section that’s unlike anything you’ve heard before. The result is a majesty that modern day orchestras can’t quite replicate, but with the power and conviction demanded by current movies and games.

Hollywood Fantasy Strings and Hollywood Fantasy Brass have both been released. The next step in the journey is Hollywood Fantasy Winds (available June 22nd for $99 USD), followed by Hollywood Fantasy Percussion (available July 27th for $99 USD), Hollywood Fantasy Voices (available August 31st for $99 USD), and then finally the Hollywood Fantasy Orchestrator (partnered with Sonuscore, available October 5th for $99 USD).

Hollywood Fantasy Brass is available for individual purchase for a special introductory price of $99 USD at EastWest and from distributors PluginFox and Best Service. It is also part of a Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra bundle, and with EastWest’s ComposerCloud+ subscription service