EastWest has announced the release of version 4.10 of its PLAY virtual instrument engine.

This is a significant update including our most requested feature, full background loading, that is recommended for all PLAY users, and is required for all upcoming releases.

Changes in PLAY v4.1.0

  • Implemented full background loading.
  • Added ability to move loading bar during project load.
  • Added compatibility for Choirs Gold and Pianos Silver products.
  • Added folder icon in browser view now denotes whether selection is a folder or an instrument.
  • Fixed tempo sync and other issues with some WordBuilder patches.
  • Improved text in load error messages.
  • Fixed loading issues in VEPro.
  • Fixed reverb menu not displaying correctly in some hosts.
  • Fixed Choirs intermittent pitch issue when reopening project.
  • Fixed interface flashing/crashing when switching to Player during load.
  • Fixed mixer recall of channels on reopen.
  • Fixed graphical glitches in envelopes.
  • Fixed product launchers not opening in Apple Mavericks.

The PLAY Software update is available to download now at EastWest support.

More information: SoundsOnline (World) / SoundsOnline (Europe)