easy#toolz easy-crumar-ms

easy#toolz has released two new VST instrument plug-ins for Windows PC: easy-crumar-ms and easy-cembalo.

easy-crumar-ms is a freeware 12-voice Crumar Multiman S emulation. It features 6 sounds (Bass, Brass, Cellos, Violins, Piano, Clavi), and a Moog-ish Lowpass filter.

With the exception of the Piano and Clavi, all the sounds were sampled from a real Crumar instrument.

easy-cembalo is a donationware 12 voice realistic Cembalo (Harpsichord) synth featuring a Lo+Hi filter, ADSR controls, and tuning. It comes with 16 patches.

You can purchase easy-cembalo for 15 EUR.

Visit easy#toolz for more information and links to download easy-crumar-ms and a demo of easy-cembalo.