easy#toolz easy-drum X8 SE Free

easy#toolz has released easy-drum X8 SE Free, a freeware analog vintage-style drum module for Windows PC.


  • 12 Analog Sounds (BD-SD-RS-CP-HH-LT-HT-RD-TB-CB-CR-CL) with extended sound-structure.
  • FX-section for each slot with distortion, LoFi and Filter (LP-HP-BP-BR).
  • LFO with 5 waves for each slot ( Sinus-Saw-Ramp-Pulse and S/H) to modulate Filter (Cutoff/Res), all parameters of the respective slot
    or distortion, LoFi or Filter (LP-HP-BP-BR) for each slot.
  • 12 x 16 step sequencer with on/off knobs and 16 pots to modulate each parameter of the sound.
  • 16 patches (8 presets/8 user).

A more advanced version with additional presets and single-outs will be available soon for 15 EUR / $20 USD.

Visit easy#toolz for more information.