Eclipse Sound Design Raw Materials

Eclipse Sound Design has announced Raw Materials, a soundset for the Massive software synthesizer.

“Raw Materials” for Native Instruments “Massive” is a bundle of 67 Overloaded , Hard-Style patches designed for optimal sonic impact and unique flavour, will make your Dubstep tracks stand out more.

Raw Materials features

  • 11 one-shot bass sounds.
  • 25 distorted motion – growls, basses and wobble sounds.
  • 7 unspecific overload sounds.
  • 9 pads and soundscape pads.
  • 5 multitrack sequence sounds.
  • 10 one-shot mallet, bell and mid-tone sounds.
  • Includes over 15 multi-mode patches (more then one sound from one patch).
  • Nearly every patch has all 8 macro controls assigned to it.

Raw Materials is available to purchase for $9.95 USD.

More information: Eclipse Sound Design / Raw Materials