Elektron has released a firmware upgrade for the Octatrack, the 8 track performance sampler.

Octatrack OS 1.40 comes crammed with new features such as Parameter Randomization, Tempo Per Pattern, MIDI Trig Modes, Parameter Locking Multiple Trigs simultaneously, Trig Preview, additional performance improvements, and much more.

Elektron Octatrack OS 1.40 update

These upgrades also benefit the MKI iteration in most cases for many features, offering new music-making options and performance improvements across the board.

Changes in Octatrack OS 1.40

  • Parameter Randomization: With a touch of a button, you can try out wildly, randomized parameter pages and either take it off in your own direction or quickly dial it back if things go too far.
  • Tempo per Pattern: Link up arrangements with different BPMs, giving you even more freedom to build dynamic and versatile compositions.
  • Additional MIDI Trig Modes: Connect a MIDI keyboard or pads to the device to play slices and sample slots with ease, and record them straight into the sequencer.
  • Trig Preview: Preview a specific Trig on your headphones, or the cue or main outputs whenever you want, staying a step ahead of the pattern.
  • Parameter Lock Multiple Trigs: You can now edit multiple Trigs at the same time, letting you do even more with your limited digits with a single push.
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes.

The OS update is now available to download.

More information: Elektron