Sample Magic has launched some new sample packs at Splice Sounds.

Deep Melodic House & Techno — From deep and delicate to moody and melodious, Deep Melodic House & Techno is an excursion into the depths of contemporary Techno and House.

Sample Magic Deep Melodic House & Techno

The pack offers 400+MB of analog aesthetics, pared-back beats, full-fat basslines, sultry synths, and emotive music loops.

Deep Melodic House & Techno offers an assortment of loops, drum hits, one-shots, and MIDI to deliver a genre-colliding collection tailored and tweaked for underground dance-floors worldwide.

Indie Chill 2 — Assorted live instrumentation, Tycho-esque melodics and processed beats are the foundations of Indie Chill 2.

Sample Magic Indie Chill 2

1.8 GB+ of overdriven keys, live bass guitars, and palm-muted Gibsons,this collection comes stocked with euphoric sounds blending the best of chilled electronica to ambient and indie rock/alternative.

Featuring even more sounds, drum hits, Ableton racks and high-quality guitar and bass loops – Indie Chill 2 is the perfect toolkit for any and all types of electronica and ambient music.

Broken Soul — Crate-dug drum beats, resampled rare soul and vinyl kissed sounds.

The pack delivers a definitive collection of retro musical compositions, dusty breakbeats, reworked soulful melodics, expertly performed and tastefully processed for an authentic retro-leaning dusty sound.

Sample Magic Broken Soul

Broken Soul offers an assortment of WAV, drum hits and one-shots to deliver full-track inspiration for the beat producer in mind. It is the product of countless sessions, performances, sampling and resampling, capturing various vintage kit such as keys, pianos, organs, vocals, and drums. At the heart of the collection the process of cutting every sound to vinyl and bringing back into the digital realm in the name of dusty, warm and round sonics.

Broken Soul draws influences from various styles such as old school hip-hop, classic breaks, funk, and soul for the ultimate collection of vinylized vintage samples.

Classic Detroit Techno — Retro machine beats and raw analog melodics printed to tape.

Classic Detroit Techno takes us back to an era influenced by the 1980s and early 1990s retro-electro, thumping club drum grooves, deep and dubby chords, synth stabs and analog mechanical sequences crafted, curated and designed to respect the sound of yesteryear with today’s forward thinking productions.

Sample Magic Classic Detroit Techno

The pack offers a treasure trove of WAV, drum hits and one-shots form an essential dancefloor collection.

Classic Detroit Techno pulls out classic various pieces of analog and retro hardware to craft an authentic collection of raw and pumping tools that capture the energy of the early days of techno. The highlight of the collection includes running melodics through a space echo, cutting every loop and one-shot to a reel-to-reel tape machine, and pressing it all to vinyl, to further help recreate the sound of early Techno and Electro for authentic retro warmth and dusty sonics.

Cosmic Hip-Hop — Leftfield production, post-dilla inspired beats and cosmogonic sound designer.

Sample Magic Cosmic Hip Hop 2

This pack highlights a diverse and dissonant collection covering the very best underground beat scene combining sleazy beats, 8-bit bleep/bloop sound design, astral atmospheres, celestial experimentations, reworked multi-layered samples, chopped & screwed vocals.

Cosmic Hip-Hop offers an assortment of WAV, MIDI, drum hits and one-shots subsuming elements from hip hop, LA beats, trip-hop, future beats and beyond.

Future Groove 2 — Deep, funky and soulful, Future Groove 2 returns with an expansive collection of intricate vocal chops, swinging drum beats, futuristic melodics, forward-leaning music kits, Serum presets, drum hits and one-shots.

Sample Magic Future Groove 2

Expertly crafted and curated, Future Groove 2 fuses elements of slo-mo house, pop, neo-soul, alt-electronica and indie-dance to bring together an assortment of sounds bursting with neon-laced soul for the producer looking to bring innovative loops, one-shots and Serum presets.

Future Groove 2 is a culmination of various raw vocal sessions, crafting Serum presets from scratch, reworking drum beats and drum hits for a unique but familiar approach to the sound of the after-hours.

The sample packs and all individual sounds are available to Splice Sounds subscribers.

New users can get 1 month free access to Splice by using promo code YT2021 when signing up for a plan.

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