Nembrini Audio has announced the release of the Live Rig Standalone Plugin Host, a free standalone app that lets you play with Nembrini Audio’s effect plugins at a low latency.

Nembrini Audio Live Rig

Live Rig is designed to for guitar players who wants to create and organize their entire guitar amplifier and FX chain in a standalone app.

Now you can create your Nembrini Audio plugin chains which you can save and recall at your disposal.

You can load up to 12 Nembrini Audio plugins in series, drag and drop plugins in any free slot, swap plugins, copy/paste and individually bypass any plugin easily.

You can also add a Plugin Rig instance in any Live Rig slot, so you can save your favorite default FX Chain and integrate it with the new FX in a simple way.

Live Rig comes with free plugins pre-installed, including the Cranck V2 guitar amp, Analog Rack series Chorus, Delay, Cleaner and Noise Gate, and the NA808 overdrive.

The app is free download for Windows and Mac.

More information: Nembrini Audio