Embertone Blakus Cello

Embertone has announced the release of Blakus Cello, a virtual cello instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt.

We bring to you the EMBERTONE BLAKUS CELLO, a collaboration with the mighty Blake Robinson, Australian composer/cellist extraordanaire.

We sought Blake out after he released the popular freebie “Pocket Blakus”, and plunged straight into development. The result is a huuuuge set of samples: expressive sustains, visceral harsh attacks, pizzicatos, tremolos… along with a carefully prepared model for sul ponticello and con sordino with scripted legato. This cello will add an expressive edge to your music – and hopefully, add a bit of joy to your music-making life!

Blakus Cello features

  • True legato programming + true Portamento’s + con Sordino + sul Ponticello + pizzicatos.
  • Custom, genius Kontakt scripting by Andreas Lemke.
  • 40 NKI files.
  • Nearly 6000 recorded samples.
  • 3 GB installed (16-bit), 5 GB installed (24-bit).
  • Fast download from Amazon S3 using CONTINUATA.
  • Sample resolution: 44.1 Khz / 16 or 24 bit stereo.
  • Kontakt 5 Player Compatible, 32/64-bit, MAC/PC compatible.

Blakus Cello is available to purchase for $120 USD (16-bit) / $125 USD (24-bit).

More information: Embertone / Blakus Cello