EMpTy Room Systems EMpTy 250

EMpTy Room Systems has announced the release of version 2.0 of EMpTy 250, a reverb effect plug-in for Windows.

The original EMT-250, the reverb is based on, audio lovers praise for its warm and lush reverb. ERS identified its specifics and reinvented the sound in a modern technology tool. The warm welcome of the pilot and enhancing quality since, now results in this new commercial release.

Through a simple concept download –and-pay-plug in-and-play, the reverb can be used in all the common programs that support the VST format like Nuendo, Cubase etc, without internal DSP-cards, external boxes or dongles are necessary. The AU /MAC VST version is under development, this version will use ilok protection and will need the ilok dongle.

Changes in ERS EMpTy 250 v2.0

  • New and smaller User interface.
  • A carefully designed 14 pole input/output filter combined with a steep sweepable highcut filter.
  • An improved classic algorithm that is more transparent and has improved mono compatibility.
  • An extra modern algorithm. This setting is specially build for melodic instruments. It sounds a bit repetitive on percussive sounds, but on guitar, piano etc it sounds much richer then the vintage algorithm.
  • 5.1 sound support , with volume control on every channel.
  • A new front/back switch. In 5.1 mode it also reverses the front and surround channels.
  • An installer that helps with installing and uninstalling the plug-in. The installer will add the plug-in to the VST directory and will create a shortcut for the manual.
  • Presets and a presetshandler, so it is easier to start working with the EMpTy 250.
  • Numerous bug fixes.

EMpTy 250 is available to purchase for 149 EUR. The update for version 2.0 is free for existing v1.0 owners.

More information: EMpTy Room Systems