Empty Vessel Sound Design has announced the release of a new collection of presets for the Pigments software synthesizer by Arturia.

Previously available for TAL-Sampler, the Kenopsia soundset features 48 dark lofi ambient sounds created with synthesis and diverse field recordings processed with a range of original fx chains, analog tape and vintage hardware samplers.

Kenopsia is a neologism coined by John Koenig for “the eerie, forlorn atmosphere of a place that’s usually bustling with people but is now abandoned and quiet”. The sample pack and the sounds within are a meditation on loss and impermanence. Dedicated to my father who passed away a few years ago, he got me started with all this noise-making and music nonsense, bought me my first synth, taught me to read music and enough electronics to make some noisy boxes and fix things when they went wrong. Dedicated to Finnegan’s sister who was killed only a couple of months after they came to live with us and to the imposed silence the virus brought, and continues to bring to many places. Dedicated to absent voices, which leave behind something more than silence.

The soundset is priced 20 EUR.

More information: Empty Vessel Sound Design