Emvoice has announced the release of a new version of the Emvoice One virtual vocalist plugin, bringing AAX support for Pro Tools users.

The update also includes a MIDI Listen mode for recording MIDI performances or files, a new interface design and theme options, an extended range to access more notes, and other useability tweaks. Emvoice’s first voice, Lucy, has been updated for better performance and realism.

The Emvoice One plugin can be downloaded for free at emvoiceapp.com. A license to the full range of our first voice, Lucy, costs $199, while free (demo) access to Lucy is limited to notes C3 to G3.

This plugin update, as with all future plugin updates, is free – Emvoice users only pay for access to voices, and we’re constantly improving the performance of these voices at no extra cost. To hear a selection of songs created by our users with Lucy, check out the Songs Feat Lucy playlist on Soundcloud.

Changes in Emvoice One

  • MIDI Listen mode records incoming MIDI as notes in the Emvoice piano roll.
  • AAX support for Pro Tools users meets existing VST2/VST3/AU support.
  • Ongoing improvements to the Lucy voice engine for both demo and paid users.
  • Redesigned user interface with Light and Dark themes.
  • Extended range allows generation of previously unavailable notes from C1 to C5.
  • The Emvoice One plugin handles network errors and interruptions more gracefully.
  • VST3 installation procedure fixed for Windows users.

A new voice, Jay, is currently in beta test. You can hear it on the Songs Feat Jay playlist on Soundcloud.

More information: Emvoice