Eplex7 DSP has announced the release of Bassthronn, a progressive bass synthesizer instrument for Windows.

Eplex7 DSP Bassthronn

It combines special wavetable re-generation (quasi re-synthesis) with custom wavedraw synthesis (you can draw your own waveform real-time!) in combination with unique sound modulation and effecting possibilities.

Basstron is designed to produce new skool bass sounds for drum and bass, dubstep, electro house, bass music & experimental genres, and more…

“We didn’t want to produce classic bass synth, but something with truly original sound of 21 century, machine that will produce previously unheard basses” developers said.

Basstrhon consist of two wavetable oscillators with bank of initial 64 wavetables! (+you can load many bonus waveforms that you get after purchase, + as a customer you will be receiving new and new wavetables when released, for free). Every wavetable oscillator 1 / 2 can be additionally re-generated with R.A.M. Glitch buffer re-generator to create original soundscapes. Additionally you can draw (real-time) your own waveform in oscillator 3 (ideal for sub-bass). At next stages you can modulate sound with: Neurofunk modulation module (unique dnb style modulator), Analog sound module (module that add fat sound to your bass, analog style warmth, drive, HF analog color) analog saturation/distortion module, Sub octave deformer (creating one octave de-tuned copy of original synthesized sound), Twist 67 FX to create real-time twisting of passing signal, unison simulator/modulator + Analog & Digital filter bank with 13 original filters and combinations. Filter can be additionally modulated with LFO.

The plugin is available for purchase for the introductory price of 29 EUR for the first 70 customers (regular 69 EUR).

More information: Eplex7 DSP / Bassthronn