Equinox Sounds Club Drum Track Builders

Equinox Sounds has released Club Drum Track Builders, a downloadable loop pack (REX2), which contains all the primary elements for any Dance music producers looking to program their own club-oriented rhythms.

This pack is organized into 3 folders containing the following elements: no-kick dance drum loops, single drum loop elements (kick drum loops, snare drum loops, hi-hat loops, percussion, etc…) and a third folder with 285 single drum sounds.


  • 200 no-kick Dance drum loops in REX2 format, each loop comes with 2 or 3 variations
  • A folder with 390 individual drum loop elements featuring kick drum loops, snare drum loops, hi-hat loops, percussion loops, breakbeat loops, drum rolls and FX loops. All in REX2 format
  • 285 individual drum sounds in 44KHz/16bit WAV format featuring kick drums, snares, hi-hats, percussion hits, crash cymbals, claps and reverse cymbals
  • All loops are 44KHz/16bit REX2 format
  • All Royalty Free

Visit Equinox Sounds for more information, audio demos and to download a free demo pack containing sounds taken from this collection.