Nucleus SoundLab ReCombination

Nucleus SoundLab has released ReCombination, a Refill for Propellerheads Reason 3.0+.

Each Combinator in ReCombination is 100% *unique* and programmed from scratch. You will not find hundreds of patches based on a small amount of ‘template’ patches here. Some Combinators represent many hours of work – indeed some are advanced enough to playback small compositions on their own! The end result is a goldmine of sonic inspiration.

In addition, each Combinator uses all 8 virtual controls to their full potential. Each of the 8 rotaries and buttons are mapped to logical and useful parameters that vary for each patch. You’ll find these invaluable for live performance or for easy automation tweaking during composition.

ReCombination features

  • 1.1GB (nearly 2GB uncompressed) of 16-bit 44khz samples
  • 160+ multisample sets
  • Samples processed and looped manually for the highest quality
  • Patches authored by a variety of talented professional Reason sound designers.
  • Over 400 patches: 200+ Combinators, 183 NN-XT Patches, 25 Malstrom Patches

ReCombination is available for electronic distribution at 69.95 EUR in Refill format, 79.95 EUR for the Multi-Format download, or 84.95 EUR for the Multi-Format DVD incl. international shipping. (Note that the Multi-Format versions contain all of the samples in SoundFont format, suitable for loading in a variety of non-Reason software and hardware samplers)

Visit Nucleus SoundLab for more information and mp3 demos. (A demo Refill will be available soon)