Eric Beam EQ-1

Eric Beam has released a few new freeware equalizer effect plug-ins: EQ-1 and Schematic/SchematEQ.

The EQ-1 equalizer plug-in comes in a 3-band and 5-band version.

EQ-1 features

  • Input Gain.
  • High-Pass Filter.
  • Low Frequency Shelf.
  • 3 Full-range Bands with Bandwidth control (5-band version).
  • 1 Full-range Bands with Bandwidth control (3-band version).
  • High Frequency Shelf.
  • Low-Pass Filter.
  • Phase Flop.
  • “Edge” = steep filter slope enable.
  • “IN” = Enable/Disable.

Schematic is a frequency divider for (semi)-Modular hosts featuring 8 channels. SchematEQ has the same design, but all 8 dividers are summed to a single stereo output.

Eric Beam SchematEQ

SchematEQ is not your ordinary EQ.

Eric writes:

If you follow the diagram from the bottom up you see the signal splits and you end up with 8 Bands. Each horizontal box 1/2’s the frequency it receives & the slider adjusts the crossover/divide point. Above the 8 bands you will find a mute & volume pot. I recommend you stick to the top main 8 bands until you get the hang of it.

Schematic/SchematEQ features

  • 100% Phase/Time aligned frequency divider (Schematic).
  • 100% phase-less frequency divider (SchematEQ).
  • 8 stereo independent bands.
  • Gain/Attenuation & Mute for each band.
  • I/O = 2in – 8out.

Both plug-ins are available as VST effects for the Windows PC platform.

Visit for more information and links to download EQ-1 and Schematic.