Eric Beam releases GEQ-1, GMP-1 and FSP-1

Eric Beam GEQ-1

Eric Beam has released a few more Module Series plug-ins.

  • GEQ-1 – 10 band equalizer
    • 10 bands of equalization.
    • 13 dB of boost/cut per band.
    • “Proportional Q” narrows filter Q at extremes.
    • Q width control.
  • GMP-1 – Gate
    • Fast attack with attack smooth.
    • 0% noise floor 100% reduction.
    • Side-Chain.
    • Channel-Link/Unlink (stereo operation).
  • FSP-1 – Filter-Shelving-Parametric-Equalizer
    • Classic EQ functionality.
    • HighPass filter.
    • Dual Q modes.

The Module Series VST plug-ins for Windows PC are donationware. Fully functional (nag screen) versions are available for download.

Visit Signaltonoize for more information.

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