Eska QUODfm

Eska has released version 1.5 of QUODfm, a software synthesizer plug-in based on FM synthesis.

Changes in QUODfm v1.5

  • New: Midi learn setup per preset – save/load setup
  • New: Randomize synth in % – randomize section
  • New: Stack/layer mode with automatable transpose amount
  • New: Ritardando/accelerando slider per synth with automatic desync/resync
  • New: Drumpad basenote added
  • Improved filter tracking
  • Undo/compare toggle from all pages now
  • Modulation/audio matrix now has a seperate page
  • Livechannel control is now a second synchronizable radiobutton bar
  • Fixed oscillator clicks (removed)

QUODfm is available as a VST instrument for Windows PC, priced at 39 EUR (ex. VAT).

More information: Eska / QUODfm