Esoundz Sonik Tank 2.5 Group Buy

Esoundz is offering a pretty sweet deal with this Sonic Tank 2.5 group buy.

Sonik Tank 2.5 features sounds and plug-ins worth $900 (MSRP) for $299, with a price of $199 at 100+ users.

Sonik Tank 2.5 includes:

  • Sonik Synth 2.1, all-around synth workstation for composing and performing music in a wide variety of styles from R&B to Techno/Electronic to Classic Rock and more.
  • SampleTank Engine 2.5, from the powerful sample-based instrument from IK Multimedia.
  • 50 unique new Combis.
  • Sonic Reality’s exclusive ST 2.5 Bonus Disc.
  • 6 Sonic Reality Expansion Tanks
    1. Piano Collection, featuring new Steinway® Grand, Yamaha® Grand, Baby Grand, Upright, Electric Pianos and more.
    2. Guitar Collection, Nylon and Steel String Acoustic Guitars, Electric Strat™ and Tele™, Electric Sitar, Dobro™, Pedal Steel, Les Paul®, Rickenbacker®, Fuzz Guitars, Ebow™ and more.
    3. Bass Collection, over 120 basses at your fingertips. Featuring Fender™ P and Jazz Basses, Rickenbacker™ 4001 Bass, Hofner™ Beatle Bass, Lakeland Fretless Bass, Upright and Acoustic Basses and more.
    4. Acoustic Drums, a collection of 17 unique I-Map acoustic drum kits recorded in some of LA’s best studios.
    5. Symphony Strings, a strings sound module, featuring lush and ambient string ensembles of violins, violas, celli and basses.
    6. OmniSynth, a complete, professional grade GM sound set that inlcudes pianos, guitars, orchestral, drums and percussion and ethnic sounds.

The Sonik Tank 2.5 group buy will end November 30th, 2007. It has already reached the 2nd stage ($279).

Note: You can earn some ePointz™ when you buy something from eSoundz by using my username ronnie at the checkout. (you’ll get $5.00 in ePointz™).

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