Triple Spiral Audio has announced a new Omnisphere 2 sound library in collaboration with the Grammy Award winning Eric Mouqet from French musical group Deep Forest.

The Deep Forest soundset from European Sound Collective is crafted with use from the personal samples of Eric Mouqet. It contains 119 presets, 20 multis and 113 sound sources.

The soundset contains a rich variety of ARP’s, Basses, Keys, Synths and Textural sounds in the vein of Deep Forest. You can expect sounds with a love for nature, some good experimental sounds and above all a large variety of very interesting analog sounds.

This rich world of sounds is perfect for any kind of music production, whether you compose music for film, ambient music, pop etc. The sounds found in the Deep Forest soundset will for sure enhance your productions.

The following sound designers where involved in creating presets for this project: Burny Huber (ESC), Henrik J. Larsen (JX3D), Stephan Baer (Sonic Underground), Fred Nongat (Subsonic Artz), Tim Dale (Sabre Music), Wolfgang Stindl (Ikarus), Anton Anru (Anru Music), Marcel Krapels (Prikwol), Adam Henderson (CAXA) and Jaap Visser (Triple Spiral Audio).

Deep Forest is on sale for the intro price of 22.95 EUR until February 7th, 2020 (regular 29.95 EUR). It requires Omnisphere 2.6 or higher.

Furthermore, Beautiful Void Audio and Sound Aesthetics Sampling have released a new update for Chord Organ, adding 139 all new samples and 31 new inspiring patches (in 4 sound categories) and 7 new multis to the library that features the sounds of an old worn out, out of tune Magnus Chord Organ.

The update is free for existing users. Chord Organ for Kontakt 5.8.1 (full version) is on sale for 20 EUR until February 12th. MSRP 37 EUR.

More information: Triple Spiral Audio