Eventide has announced Eventide Ensemble, a subscription-only package that contains a complete collection of every Eventide plugin.

There’s a reason why the pros have used our gear for decades. Just ask them about Eventide and you’ll hear words like “iconic,” “game-changer,” and “nothing sounds quite like it.” Now you can use the same tools to help you create professional sounding tracks, at a fraction of the price.

Ensemble is available in two basic subscription options. Both options include every Eventide plugin plus Eventide customer support.

The Ensemble subscription is available for purchase for $29.99 USD monthly or $249 USD annually until May 1st, 2016, $299 USD after.

Eventide plugin owners are eligible for a free month of the entire Ensemble subscription for each plugin they already own (up to 6 months). Monthly subscription will automatically begin once the free months have been used.

More information: Eventide