The Center for Haptic Audio Interaction Research has returned with another virtual instrument that offers ultra-realistic sound through physical modeling.

Following on the previously released snare drum model, the new EXC!TE Cymbal brings the sounds of the cymbal percussion instrument.

Use MIDI notes to trigger the in-built exciter and change tip hardness and bell intensity parameters. For added realism the MIDI triggered values can be adjusted with a probability curve. The exciter feeds into a waveguide resonator algorithm which lets you change tuning, decay and damping.

The plugin is available to download in VST3 and AU formats. Priced 25 EUR, the PRO version comes with some additional features:

  • Side-chain input for external excitation signals (e.g. you can use a piezoelectric disk on you mic input).
  • Frequency shift for playing different resonances with external input.
  • Non-linearity, timbre and spread parameters to change the qualities of the cymbal’s sound.

If you are into sound experiments, or seeking for more intimate control over a complex sound generator, you should definitely get the PRO version. You will love to play the cymbal with your hands or drum sticks just as we do!

More information: Center for Haptic Audio Interaction Research