Expert Sleepers Silent Way LFO

Expert Sleepers has released version 1.3.0 of Silent Way, a suite of plug-ins designed for use as part of a modular analogue synthesiser system.

The plug-ins produce no sound themselves, nor do they process sound – rather, they generate signals to be used as control voltages (CVs), which can be patched into the control inputs of oscillators, filters, VCAs etc. of an analogue system.

Changes in Silent Way v1.3.0

  • Polyphonic mode for the Voice Controller.
  • Added a per-envelope Reset To Zero control, which controls whether the envelopes always start from zero when triggered, or whether they start from their current value (which is the common behaviour in hardware envelope generators).
  • Updated all plug-ins for the font changes in OS X 10.6.

Silent Way is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) for $49 USD.

More information: Expert Sleepers