Expressive E has announced Osmose, an augmented keyboard synthesizer that combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology.

A collaboration with Haken Audio, Osmose is the result of more than seven intense years of research and development, as well as feedback from world-class artists.

Expressive E Osmose EK49

Osmose is one of the most expressive synthesizers ever created. It is a complete stand-alone polyphonic synthesizer featuring our patented A.K.A. © mechanism, where the keybed responds polyphonically to pressure, aftertouch and note bend.

It features a deep modular sound design engine, containing hundreds of incredible sounds ready to explore right out of the box, and can also be used as an advanced controller for hardware and software synthesizers.

Osmose can interface with computers and other instruments as a MIDI controller with support for MPE and MPE+ sounds, polyphonic aftertouch, a Multichannel MIDI mode, and global pitch bend controllable from every key.

The user can also configure the Osmose as a standalone MIDI controller from the onboard display, with no need to connect to a computer.

Osmose features

  • Keybed: 49 full-size keys with A.K.A.© technology for three-dimensional control.
  • Polyphony: Up to 24 voices with Layered and Split modes.
  • Top Panel: 8 encoders, 9 buttons, pitch stick/modulation stick, color LCD screen.
  • Pedal Inputs: 2 continuous pedal inputs, assignable to sustain or synth parameters.
  • MIDI: MIDI In, MIDI Out/Thru, USB Type B.
  • Audio: 24-bit D/A conversion, 1/4″ stereo headphone jack, two ¼” jacks for main stereo output.
  • Software: A Mac/PC editor lets users create and edit the EaganMatrix sounds, as well as assign the three A.K.A.© key movements to multiple parameters.

Osmose is now available to reserve on the Expressive E website for a 299 USD/EUR deposit and at a limited-time, limited-quantity 40% discount off of the retail price of 1,799 USD/EUR.

Shipping is estimated for the summer of 2020. Quantities are limited.

More information: Expressive E

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