eXtream Software Development has released Audio Evolution Mobile 4, a major update to its Android DAW.

eXtream Audio Evolution Mobile drum pattern editor

Version 4 contains many enhancements in the MIDI/instrument area including a drum pattern editor and easier workflow for working with instruments.

To offer a wide range of quality instruments, eXtream Software Development partnered with Digital Sound Factory to license original sounds from several E-MU rack synthesizers (Orbit, Planet Phatt, Xtreme Lead), the Native Instruments Kontakt Keyboards collection and 5 professionally recorded drum kits. These are available as in-app purchases.

Changes in Audio Evolution Mobile 4

  • Drum pattern editor: create drum tracks with ease.
  • New instrument selection screen with pre-listen facility: tap on an instrument to hear it or play your USB MIDI keyboard while changing between sounds.
  • Instrument selection screen now also features an option to purchase new soundfont packs: we have officially licensed instruments from Digital Sound Factory, including original sounds from several E-MU rack synthesizers like the Orbit, Planet Phatt and Xtreme Lead and from the Native Instruments Kontakt Keyboards collection. We also have 5 professionally sampled drum kits for different music styles (jazz, funk, rock, etc.).
  • Soundfonts use a lot less memory: only the data from used presets are loaded into memory.
  • New status screen showing connection status of USB audio and MIDI devices graphically.
  • Instrument tracks now feature an audio bus. This means you can now apply insert effects, output audio from instrument tracks to a bus etc., just like a regular audio track.
  • Instruments can now be selected from a new button in the mixer channel strip. Pressing the MIDI keyboard part of the button is the same as arming the track, popping up the virtual keyboard.
  • Added preference option to disable scrolling of the display during playback.
  • Added preference option to select the recording file type (wav/flac/ogg).
  • Added option ‘Merge all clips’ to MIDI track menu.
  • Added option ‘Track options…’ to audio and MIDI clip menu so that there is no need to find an empty spot on a track to trigger the track menu.
  • ‘Ask to fit clip’ after leaving the piano roll editor now quantizes the clip to a whole bar.
  • Piano roll editor now defaults to a more usable zoom level.
  • The path where soundfonts are loaded from can now be set in the preferences.
  • When importing a broadcast wav file, the app will ask if you want to use the embedded offset information or not.
  • Recordings are now split at nearly 2GB instead of 1GB.
  • Added quantize to MIDI clip menu.
  • You can now use the green time marker to scroll the display (so you don’t need to switch to Scroll mode in some situations).
  • You can now make changes (draw/remove/move) while playing a loop in the piano roll editor.
  • Creating a new MIDI clip by tap-and-slide on the time line now quantizes to whole bars for ease of use.
  • Added a ‘Visit forum’ option to the Help menu.
  • After changing sample rates, the start and end times of MIDI clips changed. Solved.
  • Quantizing triplets was incorrect. Solved.
  • Loop button was not always displayed in the piano roll editor, even when there was enough space. Solved.
  • Using the virtual keyboard during recording could cause more latency than during monitoring. Solved.

Audio Evolution Mobile is available for purchase for 5.99 EUR.

More information: eXtream Software Development / Audio Evolution Mobile 4