F9 Audio has announced the release of F9 TRAX: Electric Disco, a sample library for Apple Logic 9 and Logic Pro X.

F9 Audio Trax Electric Disco

Electric Disco is 4GB+ royalty-free sample pack containing 5 Complete DAW projects covering Roots Disco, Nu Disco, Electric Funk and Disco House.

Wherever possible sampler patches and midi have been used to put this release together and across the pack the chord sequences and voicing unique to Disco and Funk are on display.

The pack includes 82 EXS24 Patches and 115 Logic Channel strips including a specialised Disco piano patch, Drum Menus samples Via Original SP1200 and MPC Hardware drum machines, Live and synth disco basses and large selection of analog patches sampled from synths ranging from Jupiter 8, Prophet 6 to original DX7 and TX FM units.

F9 TRAX: Electric Disco for Logic 9.1.8 and Logic Pro X is available for purchase for £26.95 GBP. A version for Ableton 9 will be Available January 26th, 2017.

More information: F9 Audio