Fred Anton Corvest has announced an update to the FAC Alteza true stereo reverberator for iOS.

Version 1.2.2 comes with new presets, multi output support (compliant host required), both size knobs are now merged to a single parameter and the reverb engine has been improved.

Designed for ethereal lush sound textures and dreamy space reflection, FAC Alteza is the perfect solution to bring your instruments to heaven in no time. Thanks to a powerful feedback section containing, inter alia, two pitch shifters, the unit is able to deliver the very typical “Shimmer” sound kind effect very much prized by musicians that are making ambient music, or any kind of music that needs to be carried by a fabulous angelic evolving choir section.

FAC Alteza is definitely not “another shimmer reverb…” effect because it comes with additional parameters that make it very versatile. A particular attention to each part of the signal path was necessary to reach this level of high-end quality.

FAC Alteza is available for $4.99 USD as part of an end of year promotion, in which all FAC apps are discounted until January 3rd, 2021.

More information: Fred Anton Corvest