Harvest Plugins has released an update to the Forager MIDI plugin for Windows and Mac.

The update to the plugin that offers a new approach to chord discovery improves interaction with inversions.

A fresh, exciting chord progression is a perfect way to inspire amazing melodies, bass lines and drum patterns.

But sometimes our habits keep us from writing chord progressions that truly inspire us. Forager presents a way of creating unique chord progressions that helps do just that.

Changes in Forager v1.3.0

  • Added Inversion Controls. Enable inversions eligible for randomization.
  • Removed Randomize Inversions from dropdown menu. Inversion controls replaces the need for this feature.
  • Added version number to dropdown menu.

Forager (VST/AU) is available at Plugin Boutique, priced $49 USD. The update is free to Forager users.

More information: Harvest Plugins