Fred Anton Corvest has announced the release of FAC Envolver v2, a major update to the envelope follower app.

The app now features both an envelope follower and a trigger gate. The MIDI/audio combo makes FAC Envolver usable in every host, even the ones that still do not provide MIDI out support yet, in which case the MIDI generator is disabled and the effect can be used as a standard audio effect.

Being a MIDI effect in its essence, controlling your synthesizers parameters (e.g volume, cutoff, res) with MIDI CC and NOTES generation, FAC Envolver is also able to transform the input audio via two exclusive effects: a Noise Gate and a Trance Gate.

This combination is the key to breathe life into your sound, providing interesting natural modulation and sequences that will always be different by nature.

FAC Envolver v2 Ape Matrix

Changes in FAC Envolver v2

  • Two circuits: Env Follower and Trigger Gate (Audio/MIDI fx).
  • Each circuit provides MIDI out (CC/Note) and optional audio transformation.
  • Env Follower provides a Noise Gate with threshold, hysteresis and curve smoother.
  • Trigger Gate provides a Trance Gate Style fx with optional resolution and patterns.
  • Stereo/Mono processing – a slot per channel.
  • Fine tuning of each slot; rising and falling time, bias, depth and inverter.
  • MIDI IN/OUT support: CC#, channels, int/ext note pitch and scale progression.
  • Multi-waveform graph: input signal, env contour, gate signal and threshold.
  • Host tempo sync.

FAC Envolver v2 is available for $9.99 USD.

More information: Fred Anton Corvest