Faderfox micromodul controllers

Faderfox has announced the release of five new 3rd generation controllers.

This probably world’s smallest DJ-controllers are designed for live use on the stage. All Faderfox controllers are professionally manufactured in series in Germany, ensuring high quality. The 3rd generation brings a lot of new features like USB connection, better controls, access to four decks, access to four FX slots and much more.

5 new devices are optimized for a lot of different DJ setups. Everybody should find the right device for each individual setup. There are many possible combinations of micromodul controllers. Start with a single unit and expand to a large controller setup later.

Faderfox controllers features

  • Special controllers for DJ software (optimised for Native Instruments Traktor Pro and Ableton Live).
  • Setup files for Traktor Pro/Duo (as of V.1.2.4) and Live (as of V.8.1.1) are shipped with the controller.
  • USB interface – class compliant / no driver necessary.
  • USB bus powering – consumption less than 500mW / 100mA.
  • Very compact design in a black, plastic casing (desktop format 180x105x70 mm, 350 g).
  • Silver aluminium front plates with an anodised coating (abrasion resistant) and inscriptions.
  • High-quality faders, pots and encoders from ALPS.
  • New rubber knobs for best tactile feeling.

The DJ3, DL3, DX3, FX3, and FT3 controllers are available to purchase for 250 EUR each (incl. VAT).

More information: Faderfox