Slate Digital FG-X

Slate Digital has released FG-X, a virtual mastering processor for Windows and Mac.

Two years ago Steven Slate and expert algorithm engineer Fabrice Gabriel started working out the concept for a digital audio process that could increase the level of a mix without altering the punch and dynamic feel, or make the mix sound squashed and lifeless. They started by researching saturation curves and their effect on various types of transient material. After several months of study and hundreds of listening tests, they made some fascinating discoveries. What they found, was that in order to transparently add level to a mix, a dynamic and intelligent transient saturation system would have to be developed.

New ADVANCED ALGORITHMS were created to execute the extremely complex communication system that would be needed to properly perform the new dynamic operations. A new algorithm was formed, and the process was named “Intelligent Transient Preservation”, or ITP.

FG-X features

  • Worldclass mastering compressor with transparent and articulate sound.
  • Revolutionary ITP process to make your mixes louder without degradation.
  • Controls for low and high punch.
  • Ultra precise mastering quality metering.

FG-X is available to purchase as an effect plug-in for PC and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS), priced at $299 USD.

More information: Slate Digital / FG-X Virtual Mastering Pro