farbrausch BR404

farbrausch has released a first public beta version of BR404, a software synthesizer VST instrument programmed by Benjamin BeRo Rosseaux.

BR404 features

  • many different oscillator waveforms and filters
  • ADSR and freeform envelopes
  • extensive modulation matrix
  • sample exact modulations
    (the main reason why BR404 may use slightly more CPU time than other comparable synths)
  • sample support
  • speech synthesizer
  • PADsynth algorithm
  • custom LFO waveforms per sample
  • 10-band equalizer, Winamp compatible parameter presets
  • multiple instances
  • export song as win32 executable
  • own fileformat (bmf2wav converter included)
  • replay plugin for Winamp (and compatibles)
  • SDK for Delphi 5/7, FreePascal 2.x and MSVC / MSVC COFF library file format compatible products included
  • … and a whole lotta more for you to discover!

Note: Since this is the first public version you may encounter incompatibilities with some VST hosts. This version has been successfully tested with BeRoTracker and Renoise v2.0rc1.

Visit farbrausch for more information.