FeelYourSound has released a public beta of XotoPad 2, a software that turns your Windows 8 or 10 tablet into a full-featured multi-touch MIDI instrument/controller with chords, scales, faders, and more.

FeelYourSound xotopap2

XotoPad is a software-based grid controller with a flexible amount of rows and columns. Each pad can either work as a note, chord, fader, slider, CC button, or x/y controller.
Compared to version 1 we got a bunch of new features included. The most important addition: XotoPad contains several specialized setup wizards now. Each of them helps you to create scale keyboards, chord pages, sliders, faders, CC grids, etc.

Personally I use the new scale + chords features the most :). Imagine to have more than 300 scales available to jam around safely… and the chord wizard will give you direct access to the most important chords of any scale. Just at the tip of your finger :).

Other new features: undo/redo, two colour schemes for the user interface, copy/paste of pads and pages, load/save pages and page bundles separately, support for high-dpi displays, built-in audio engine if you just want to play around without your DAW, page actions like “transpose all notes one octave up” etc.

XotoPad 2 is a free upgrade for all existing users. During the beta period, a license is available at 15% off, use voucher code betabonus at checkout. Final price TBA.

More information: Feelyoursound