FeelYourSound has announced the release of The Big Chords Guide for Electronic Musicians, a free 40 page resource on chords and chord progressions.

The guide also includes a free software based ear training to help you get a feeling for the different chord types.

Welcome to the big free chords guide for electronic musicians. You have come to the right place if you want to know more about chords and how to use them in your own productions.

No previous knowledge is required. You neither need to be able to read notes from a note sheet, nor do you have to be a piano player to get the most out of this guide.

And you certainly don’t have to be a music theory expert to understand the following chapters. But at the end of this guide you will surely know a lot more than before.

The Big Chords Guide will show you:

  • How chords work and how you can use them in your productions.
  • How different chord types sound (+ free ear training).
  • Different ways to change the mood of your chords.
  • How you can create nice chord progressions for your songs.

The guide is available at the FeelYourSound website.

Subscribers of the FeelYourSound newsletter will receive a PDF version, printable infographics, over 20 audio files, and over 20 MIDI files as a free download.

More information: FeelYourSound / Big Chords Guide for Electronic Musicians