FeelYourSound has announced an update to its HouseEngine MIDI generator plugin for Windows and Mac.

Version 1.2.0 of the specialized songwriting tool that turns any chord progression into expressive piano rhythms, deep basslines, and catchy melodies includes new presets and various improvements.

If you don’t have your own chord progression yet, HouseEngine can generate one for you. Nine different progression algorithms make it easy to start a new song from scratch.

The plug-in is suitable for all House styles, but it is a good fit for other genres as well.

Changes in HouseEngine v1.2.0

  • New presets: +10 rhythmic basses, +12 rhythmic chords, +9 stabs (+6 simple stab thin chords rhythm, +2 simple stab full chords rhythm, +1 simple stab chords rhythm).
  • Cleaned up starting page.
  • New chord progression generator setting: “Lock scale (if generator is compatible)”. You can activate the setting like this: 1) Use a chord progression generator. 2) Click on the “More” button in the chord progression edit page. 3) Turn on “Lock scale”.
  • MIDI mass exporter (Pro version feature): Create subfolders for generated MIDI files. The subfolders are created for each type of preset family.
  • Load and save your own chord progressions. Save: 1) Go to the chord progression edit page. 2) Click on “More -> Save chord progression”. Load: See starting page.
  • Copy and paste chord progression to and from the clipboard. Copy: 1) Go to the chord progression edit page. 2) Click on “More -> Copy chord progression to clipboard”. Paste: See starting page.
  • Windows: Installer remembers the plug-in directories from now on.

HouseEngine comes in VST and AU plugin formats, priced $55 USD / 45 EUR for the Standard version and $440 USD / 360 EUR for the Pro version. The update is free for all customers (simply download the demo and install it over your old version). New users can try it with a free demo version.

More information: FeelYourSound