Kilohearts has launched a flash sale on its Compressor, a compressor effect for Windows and Mac.

Kilohearts Compressor

A compressor will even out the audio volume by lowering the volume when the signal is loud. This helps shape the dynamics of the sound both at the initial attack and the sustain tail. Each compressor has their own flavor, and the kHs Compressor tastes sweet.

Compressor shines on it´s own, but it was primarily created to power up the different “Snapin Hosts” Kilohearts offer. These are bigger effects units that utilize all the available snapins and give you a really fun and creative workflow for combining them in any way you can think of. So have a look at Snap Heap and Multipass right now!

Compressor is available as a Snapin as well as VST/AU/AAX plugin for Windows and Mac. It is on sale for just 15 EUR through October 20th, 2017.

More information: Kilohearts / Compressor