Function Loops has announced that its VOICE 2020 Prime Vocal Collection is on sale for just $9 USD for the next 72 hours.

Function Loops voice 2020

VOICE 2020 is a limited edition collection, loaded with 527 (2GB) vocals. Sourced from some of Function Loops’ best-selling sample packs, this collection is perfect for any producers looking for solid acapellas, vocal loops, vox chops, vocal shots, phrases, etc. No matter the style you produce, these vocals will take your tracks to a new level and add a bunch of excitement, guaranteed.

Furthermore, VOICE 2020 also includes new and unreleased vocal material that was recently recorded! To make things easier, the MIDI files are also included as free bonus.

VOICE 2020 features

  • 187 female vocal loops (dry + wet).
  • 15 male vocal loops (dry).
  • 48 vocal stems (dry + wet).
  • 41 vocal chops.
  • 58 MIDI loops.
  • Bonus: 116 spoken vocal loops (dry & wet), ​32 whispered vocal loops (dry & wet), 35 vocal fx loops.

The bundle is available for the next three days only. After the promotion it will not be sold anymore.

More information: Function Loops