Flintpope has announced the release of Flintpope 256, a Reaktor 6 instrument for quickly making new beats, soundscapes, samples and musical sketches.

This instrument contains 256 samples in two banks; one is a set of beats and the other is a set of ambient pads. Play them together to create new beats and new audio spaces.

The BEATS bank is a set of 127 different beat loops played at 120 BPM and mapped at a single pitch/tempo across the keys. The PADS bank is a set of 127 atmospheric sounds that are pitch-tracked across the keyboard.

256 lends itself to jamming live.

Tweak parameters and FX on the fly. Start with a preset and trigger the sound then play with the BEAT dial and the PADS dial to change layers of sound. Next spin the PITCH dial to change BEATS tempo and BEND the PAD. Then mess with the LFO speed and routing, especially LFO TO CUT. Then activate the SUB, then LFO TO SUB and then change the LFO speed and waveform. And so on through the seven FX: SHIFT, FLANGE, DELAY, VINYL, TAPE, VERB and COMB.

Record sessions with Reaktor’s onboard recorder for quick song sketches or to create new samples. Or play live as part of your stage kit.

Ships with 256 presets as a quick guide to parameters and content.

Taking it further…

When you get bored with the onboard samples, go to the Reaktor 6 Diving Deeper manual and open Chapter 8, page 69 (The Sample Map Editor) for a detailed guide on putting in your own sounds.

Flintpope 256 is a available at any price (including free). Requires Native Instruments Reaktor 6 (full version). You can support Flintpope for as little as $1 USD per month at Patreon.

More information: Flintpope