Flintpope has announced its Autumn Sale, offering discounts on its Reaktor and Kontakt instruments for a limited time only.

Four Reaktor 6 Ensembles and one Kontakt 5 Instrument reduced for clearance! Each instrument provides a different take on soundscape creation.

The sale includes:

  • Silver for Reaktor 6, a four channel mixing desk with 3-way EQ and 4 samplers each loaded with 36 different samples.
  • Lofi Melodic Hip Hop for Reaktor 6, a 4 x sample-loop playback instrument with realtime remixing capability to get interestingly varied results.
  • Palette for Reaktor 6, eight banks of 47 samples each, triggered by un-mute buttons initially inspired a painter’s palette.
  • Soundscaper for Reaktor 6, a dual-layer sample player featuring two banks preloaded with 127 samples each.
  • Layercake for Kontakt 5, a powerful tool for creating interesting sound textures, comprised of a set of three samplers with four sounds in each, meticulously crafted to create audio spaces that move beyond the realm of mere pads, leads or basses.

The products are available for purchase for $9.99 USD each during the sale.

More information: Flintpope