Flintpope has released an updated version of the Hornfish granular sampler instrument for Native Instruments Reaktor 6.

The update includes a new interface and additional presets.

Hornfish is a drag and drop granular sample player for REAKTOR 6 that can create surprising sounds with a few tweaks. Start with the 36 presets or dive right in and drop your own sounds.

Long interesting samples (a mix-down of a tune for example) will give you a result with far better variations than short dull ones (kicks and snares etc). The ability to focus in on small details of a waveform (and morph them) is what makes HORNFISH tick, so a complex, busy sound can yield many more variations than a simple tone.

Changes in Hornfish

  • Cleaner interface with readable sample waveform and rather hypnotic oscilloscope readout of note input and velocity.
  • Clearer dials with numerical positional readout.
  • GUI that is easy on the eye.
  • Clear headers and groupings of controls.
  • 36 new presets.

Hornfish is available for $9.99 USD.

More information: Flintpope