Flintpope has announced the release of Brute for Reaktor 6, a subtractive synthesizer instrument that delivers a rich, deep sound.

Created in Reaktor’s Primary code which allows great flexibility in sound and look, this deceptively simple polyphonic synth gives you a set of punchy drums, some powerful basses and a range of interesting patches for top-lines. Strings and pads are also straightforward to design.

Two oscillators with four wave-forms in each and a powerful LFO combine to give interesting depth and variation. Extra sound sources are crackle and hiss so it’s also possible to get that LOFI retro-sampled feel.

The demo below is all made with BRUTE and no tricks apart from some compression in Ableton.
It’s really easy to write presets for so please dive in and have fun.

Brute is available for any price including free. Donations are appreciated. You can also support Flintpope for as little as $1 USD per month at Patreon.

More information: Flintpope