Full Bucket Music has launched the Full Bucket Brigade Delay, a free effect plugin that simulates the functionality and sound of classic analog delays. It is written in native C++ code for high performance and extremely low CPU consumption.

Full Bucket Brigade Delay

The Full Bucket Brigade Delay is an offspring of the tiny delay within my Nabla synthesizer. Just for fun I separated it into its own C++ project, added a few things like the LFO and the Quality control, always trying to achieve the functionality and sound of those old BBD units that I love so much. Now I sat here with a new plug-in. And decided to share it. :-)

Brigade Delay features

  • Authentic simulation of a Bucket Brigade Device (BBD) delay line.
  • No “crackling” or “dropouts” when changing the delay time.
  • LFO modulation for Flanger, Chorus, or other modulation effects.
  • Double precision audio processing.
  • Quality control to send your hi-fi signals to hell.
  • Plug-in comes in 32 bit and 64 bit versions.
  • Fully compatible with SM Pro Audio’s V-Machine™.

Full Bucket Brigade Delay is available for download for Windows (VST).

More information: Full Bucket Music / Brigade Delay