Flintpope has announced the release of Dropsynth, a sample player/synthesizer instrument for Native Instruments Reaktor 6.

A mixed drag and drop sample player and four-oscillator (x2) synth, both with versatile LFO sections (adapted from Reaktorblocks Bento Box) to modify the sound.
Each module has its own envelope and filter sections and there is a set of master FX: sub-bass (single-note at C60), vinyl crackle, reverb, frequency shift and a limiter (ceiling).

The synth section also includes a cabinet FX level for warmth.

You get 36 presets that cover a range of sounds from swirling pads through beaty loops to grimy glitch. You can infinitely modify these sounds with your own samples and synth expertise.

Dropsynth is available for any price including free. You can support Flintpope for as little as $1 per month if you wish at https://www.patreon.com/flintpope.

More information: Flintpope