Flo Audio has launched a new impulse response pack of the Powertran Digital Delay Line, the late 70s delay designed by Tim Orr.

With delay times ranging from 62ms to 1.6 seconds (20 delay settings), Flo captured the unit from no repeat at all to maximum.

The Powertran Digital Delay Line was designed by Tim Orr (of EMS Synthi) and was offered as a DIY project in a british DIY publication in 1981. I’ll include the article / manual along with the captures, so you can get more familiar with it. I find these digital delays very educational, because nowadays, we’ve got (not so good) plugins for phasers, flangers, choruses etc, but do you know how these really work?

Mine comes from Blue Note studio in London, UK, and it’s in a perfect shape, i only had to change the output volume potentiometer when i bought it, the capacitors were in great shape!

The IR pack is a pay what you like download.

More information: Flo Audio